10 Ways to Eat Less Meat this Summer

You may have heard of Meatless Mondays or have seen it trending on Instagram and Twitter but never quite knew what all the fuss was about. Well…the goal of Meatless Monday is to encourage individuals to skip eating meat every Monday in order to better their own health and the planet. Being a vegetarian might scare the bejeebers out of you but don’t worry, it isn’t all bad…in fact it’s delicious!

chopped stir fry veg 2

While the thought of giving up meat cold turkey (couldn’t resist the pun!) may be too much to bare, we’ve taken baby steps. Every little bit helps, so why not start with a Meatless Monday and reduce your meat intake every week? Dedicating one day a week to going veggie doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Little changes really add up, especially in your diet and health, so we’ve made it our mission to give you great inspirations in your Meatless Monday quest.


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Tip #1: Eat Eggs for Dinner

Eggs are super affordable, quick to make, full of protein and super filling! What more could you want on a Monday? Try our Tomato and Kale Bake for a delicious and hearty meal- without the meat.

whole plate angle uncropped 600px

Tip #2: Taste the Veggie Rainbow

Veg doesn’t have to be boring, I repeat VEG DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BORING! Mix it up and try veggies with lots of different flavours, textures and colours. You’ll love our Asian Noodle Salad– packed full of beetroot, mouli and carrots. The chilli dressing is gorgeous too.

asian noodle salad angle 600px

Tip #3: Use Mushrooms to Bulk Up Meals

We love a good mushroom, anything from button to shimeji mushrooms. Mushrooms have a similar texture to meat and are great for soaking up lots of flavour. Check out our Shimeji and Mouli Stir Fry for a dish that’ll make you forget you’ve temporarily gone vegetarian.

stir fry original

Tip #4: Craving a burger? Beet it!

Try a meat free day with these delicious Beetroot Burger and Rosemary Root Fries and padron peppers. It’s healthy, beautiful and absolutely last but not least…full of flavour and spice! Who needs meat anyway when your plate is this gorgeous?

beet burger colourful plate angle landscape

Tip #5: Become a Grill Master

Everyone loves a BBQ in the midst of summer, but can you stay on your vegetarian track? Instead of grilling filets of steak, simply cut up chunks of steak and veg and put them on skewers. This way you can load up on veg and reduce the amount of meat on your plate.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 15.39.18.png

Tip #6: Cook for the whole family

Anything is easier when you have support and others who are trying to accomplish the same goal as you. Try cooking the same meals for your family and encourage them to go veggie once a week. You may be surprised at how easy it catches on!

DSC_0061 700 x 300px

Tip #7: Super Scrumptious Salad to Satisfy!

Hear me out- salads CAN be satisfying and won’t leave you craving for more. The modern salad is delicious and packed full of goodness. Say goodbye to wilted lettuce leaves, because our Warm Fig Salad is a complete gem.


Tip #8 Get your Grain on

Try out a new and exciting grain that will make you excited to cook it for the first time and even more excited to eat it. The sweet and savoury combination in our Moroccan Couscous of cinnamon roast veg, fresh mint and dates is irresistible. Chop it all up and pop it in the oven: it couldn’t be simpler!

morrocan couscous 600px

Tip #9: Be a Superstar Planner

I know you’ve heard this one before, but really really try your very best to plan your meals out ahead of time. Not only does this take the stress and panic out of dinnertime, you may even find yourself looking forward to it!


Tip #10: You’re a Fruit and Veg Connoisseur

Expand your vegetable (and fruit) knowledge by making a conscious effort to try new veggies from around the globe. You’ll be surprised at how many delicious varieties exist that you’ve never heard of or tried. To start you off, here’s our Tamarind Pad Thai 

P.S. Tamarind is found in the seed pods of the tamarind tree. We eat the fleshy pulp surrounding the seeds that tastes somewhat like a date with a delicate citrus note. Although tamarind is often used in Southeast Asian cooking, the Tamarind trees is in fact originally native to Africa. It is used in all sorts of sauces, curries, soups and marinades. In this dish, we use it to make a pad thai sauce accompanying stir-fried veggies, peanuts and spring onions.

pad thai overhead landscape



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