A Week’s Worth of Easy Weeknight Summer Dinners

To help you eat and live well this summer, we’re giving you 7 days worth of fresh, delicious and healthy FREE recipes that are guaranteed to have you whipping up new dinners in summer 2017. The guide has a specific recipe for each day of the week to keep you at your best. We promise you’ll feel amazing by the end of the week! There’s a sneak peak at the end of the post to whet your appetite.

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Take the stress out of cooking and enjoy your summer

It’s officially summer. You may find yourself moving a little bit slower, enjoying the outdoors a little bit more and smiling a lot more. How could you not with warmer temperatures, BBQs and quality time spent with family and friends?

The summer season is NOT the time to stress in the kitchen over your next meal. Don’t get bogged down by complicated recipes or ridiculously long prep times. These 7 easy weeknight summer dinners require minimum time and effort from you but are sure to impress.

chopped veg

Why should I eat fresh this summer?

We’re all busy- between work, family and other commitments it’s easy to see why many people can put healthy eating on hold. However, in the summer months, there’s no excuse! Many more vegetables and fruits are in season, which can give you dinnertime inspiration. Plus,  it’s so much easier to eat loads of different vegetables and fruits when you know they’re fresh!

squeezing lemon

When vegetables and fruits are in season, they’re better for you. When you add preservatives and chemicals to keep packaged goods from going off, you’re no longer eating the freshest veg you could be.

Monday: Quinoa Salad


A spring salad to boot. Cook the quinoa and everything else is raw- packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and flavour!

Tuesday: Rainbow Tabouleh

angle tabouleh landscape 2

This dish truly says summer! Packed full of couscous, cucumber, red pepper and more- there’s nothing more refreshing than a tabouleh?!

Wednesday: Spinach and Tomato Flatbread

flatbread cooked angle

This flatbread recipe is super simple and darn delicious. Simply grab a flatbread and top it with chopped spinach, tomatoes, pepper, grelot onions, basil and mozzarella. What more can you want in the mid-week meal?

Thursday: Early Summer Risotto


You can’t go wrong with a summer risotto! Filled with crunchy broad beans, peas and topped off with rocket, this is one way to get your greens.

Friday: Stovetop Lasagne

stove top lasagne landscape angle

Enjoy this stovetop lasagne, a little twist on the traditional lasagne, which can sometimes feel like a little bit of an investment of time and effort. This stovetop version is fun to assemble and doesn’t require any oven time, so supper can be on the table in minutes.

Saturday: Smashed Potato and Fixins

overhead landscape smashed potatoes

Comfort food for the soul. Smashed sweet and new potatoes with plenty of fixin’s like sautéed leeks, cherry tomatoes, radishes and rocket. Served with a dollop of yoghurt or grated cheese, this meal goes down a treat!

Sunday: Asian Noodle Salad

asian noodle salad square 600px

A scrumptious Asian noodle salad packed full of beetroot, mouli, carrots and more. All combined with a gorgeous chilli dressing, it makes for an interesting and tasty summer salad.

Eating and living better at dinnertime

At THUD, it all comes down to one simple belief:  food is our fuel and real quality ingredients can help us in our quest to live our best life. We believe you should enjoy life’s simple pleasures and find little ways to eat better, and in turn, live better…especially in the summer! That’s why we’re focused on creating the UK’s best recipe box with fresh ingredients and delicious recipes.

First, we hand pick high quality ingredients used by top chefs and pack just the right quantities for the meals you order. Each week the Royal Mail posts a THUD box through your letterbox, so no need to be in. Delivery is free.

You cook exciting, delicious, healthy meals every week, following our simple recipes. Have a look at what’s on next week’s menu to whet your appetite for the upcoming summer months.

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