Sick of cooking the same old dinners? 10 tasty recipes to reinvent your favourite meals

You’ve had a long day, without a second to think about what’s on the menu for dinner tonight. You can’t help but think how tired you are of eating the same old thing. As the commute home begins, you start to think about what you may (or may not!) have in the fridge. Same old ingredients to make the same old recipes.

You’re not alone- the average Brit makes the same 12 recipes over and over again!

Your spaghetti bolognese may be reliable, but wouldn’t it be nice to cook a delicious meal for the first time and try something new? THUD is here to help you try new recipes with delicious ingredients every week!

Check out our deliciously healthy favourite 10 recipes to help reinvent your old faithfuls and get you out of your cooking rut. Hey, you may even discover a new favourite recipe!

1. Sick of Stir-fry?


square-stir-fry-600pxYour usual recipe: Store bought Stir-fry

THUD version: Shimeji and Mouli Stir-fry

Stir-fries are great. Easy, quick and you can chuck just about anything in them. But rather than just use the boring veg in the fridge, why not upgrade your stir-fry to our Shimeji and Mouli Stir-fry? A quick mid week meal, this stir fry is perfect for a night when you’re on the run. We’ve thrown in some beautiful shimeji mushrooms and crunchy white mouli to mix things up a bit and get the tastebuds going.

Check out the full recipe for Shimeji and Mouli Stirfry

2. Curry in need of kick


Your usual recipe: Curry

THUD version: Rainbow Chard and Sweet Potato Curry

We can’t really get enough of beautiful rainbow chard and want to make the most of just how easy this recipe is to make. This is an absolutely delicious curry using chard, sweet potato, spices and yoghurt to make a healthy creamy yummy curry!

Trust us, this is a new take on your usual curry and easy to make during busy weeknights. 

Check out the full recipe for Rainbow Chard and Sweet Potato Curry

3. Frozen Pizza have you feeling cold?


Your usual recipe: A frozen pizza

THUD version: Caramelised Leek, Tomato and Herb Tart

Baby onions, leeks, herbs and tomatoes make a fabulous mix for this super simple tart.

Top it with goats cheese and and pop it in the oven for a tasty meal for two.

We love how fresh this tart is and how much room there is for experimentation! Total upgrade from a frozen pizza.

Check out the full recipe for Caramelised Leek, Tomato and Herb Tart

4. Don’t feel run down by your Risotto


Your usual recipe: Ready meal risotto

THUD version: Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto

With purple carrots in the mix, this risotto takes on their colour and creates a beautiful meal, containing tasty jerusalem artichokes, mushrooms and spinach.

Upgrade from your usual risotto with this gorgeous and unique meal that will have you dreaming of seconds. Ditch the ready meal and enjoy cooking again.

Check out the full recipe for Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto

5. Spaghetti making you sad?


Your usual recipe: Spaghetti bolognese

THUD version: Leek, Courgette and Purple Sprouting Tagliatelle

Forget the spaghetti and upgrade to tagliatelle! This recipe calls for garlic, shallots and whole grain mustard.

The purple sprouting broccoli is a beautiful addition to the meal, ensuring you’re moving outside of your comfort zone.

Thumbs up from us!

Check out the full recipe for Leek, Courgette and Purple Sprouting Tagliatelle

6. Stop eating plain old Potatoes


Your usual recipe: Boiled potatoes

THUD version: Winter Ratatouille with Hasselback Potatoes

A lovely wholesome rooty ratatouille full of leeks, carrots, parsley root, chervil root, and oregano and served with hasselback baked potatoes.

Swap your side dish of potatoes for this main event! Guaranteed to fill you up and the perfect dish to show off to family and friends.


Check out the full recipe for Winter Ratatouille with Hasselback Potatoes

7. Side salad need a bit of sass?


Your usual recipe: Rocket or Iceburg lettuce

THUD version: Warm Winter Salad

Do you just throw a few leaves of lettuce on your plate each night because you feel you have to?

This is a delicious hearty winter salad, full of roasted sweet potato and carrots, cumin seeds as well as butter beans, crunchy kale and pretty pink radishes and finally finished off with a zesty basil dressing


Check out the full recipe for Warm Winter Salad

8. Transform your Rice


Your usual recipe: Boiled rice

THUD version: Veggie Kedgeree

This is an interesting variation on a dish that is known for it’s fishiness!

This is a tasty veggie kedgeree that we think you’ll really enjoy.

Full of curried veggies mixed with rice and topped with boiled eggs, it’s a new spin on an old favourite.

Bonus: Eggs for protein!

Check out the full recipe for Veggie Kedgeree

9. A Soup you’ll want to show off


Your usual recipe: Side soup

THUD version: Lemongrass and Star Anise Pho

A lovely warming noodle soup, this pho is brought to life with a delicious stock base starting with star anise and lemongrass packed full of fresh veg to make a great weeknight supper.

Easy to make and tasty, this recipe includes ginger, coriander and chilli.

You’ll feel warm and cozy after this one!

Check out the full recipe for Lemongrass and Star Anise Pho

10. Pessimistic about your Pasta bake?


Your usual recipe: Tomato pasta bake

THUD version: Tomato and Kale Bake 

Skip the pasta! This Tomato and Kale Bake is delicious and doesn’t make you miss the carbs at all.

Packed full of San Marzano tomatoes, kale, garlic and baby pepper, this dinner delivers.

Topped with egg and a piece of crusty bread, this dinner is easy to whip up and beyond tasty.

Check out the full recipe for Tomato and Kale Bake

Easy and healthy food swaps to make

There you have it! 10 easy recipes to use the next time you’re ready for a change. Every recipe mentioned is from a previous THUD box and starts at only £2.50 per portion. If you’re looking for the freshest veg, herbs and spices plus innovative and delicious recipes, use code “NEWDINNER” for 25% off when you order your own THUD box.

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