10 Sensational Summer Dinners for Hot Nights

In a bid to beat the heat, we’ve pulled together our top 10 sensational summer dinners to really WOW you and enjoy in the warm weather. They’re all easy to make, refreshingly healthy and sure to impress. And not one boring salad in sight!

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Everyone can agree that hot food in cold weather makes sense. As does spending time in our kitchens, using all of our favourite appliances. But what about summer, when the weather is beautiful (sometimes) and it seems like you have to spend every second outdoors to truly appreciate the warm weather? Surely, there’s more on the menu than a boring salad?

As well, is it just me or is summertime the season where ALL you want to do is eat out? Cue a cold glass of wine, a perfect table on a patio and something ridiculously refreshing that I could never have made myself. All because it’s just too hot to cook! The problem with this is that our kitchens quickly become irrelevant and inevitably turn into an empty wasteland. Another problem with trying new restaurants every night of the week is that my wallet will become empty quite quickly and isn’t the most budget-friendly solution. So what’s a hungry person to do?

landscape whole meal

Don’t sweat it.

Here at THUD, we’re more than just a recipe kit company. We create delicious recipes every week and send you the freshest herbs and ingredients to cook them with. Every kit includes unique ingredients that you can’t always find at your local supermarket that are also in season. This means you’re eating new ingredients that are at their most fresh every week!

We know you’re on a budget, so that’s why all of our kits range from £7.50 to £10. Head over to our website to find the best kit to fit your lifestyle but don’t forget your special discount code: “THUD75” FOR 75% OFF


early summer risotto 1600x1063px

How many times do you end up binning a good chunk of your weekly shop simply because you bought too much and it has all gone off? Often times the quantities of veg and fruit that supermarkets sell just aren’t realistic for many households. That’s why everything in your THUD box has been carefully selected to provide you with just the right quantities to cook your delicious meals with. Need exactly 12 baby potatoes? No problem, you’ll receive exactly 12 farm fresh baby potatoes in your THUD box plus the rest of your hand picked ingredients.

whole plate 2

Order before SUNDAY at midnight and you’ll receive your choice of THUD recipe kit the following Wednesday. Don’t forget, our THUD boxes fit through the letterbox so there’s no need to be in to sign for it. Check out what’s on the menu next week and use your “THUD75” discount for 75% off!








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