Love mushrooms? 4 new and exciting recipes for mushroom lovers

Mushrooms can often get a bad rep. In our latest blog post, we decided that it’s time to give mushrooms the love they deserve! There are so many different varieties, textures and tastes that mushrooms can add to any type of dish. If you’re not a mushroom lover just yet, get ready to be converted with our wonderfully fresh and new recipes that are quick and delicious, in true THUD fashion!


Here’s a sneak peak for one of next week’s recipes, delivered in your THUD box with fresh ingredients, herbs and spices.

Swiss Chard and Mushroom Beanotto

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.57.20.png

While risotto may be one of your staple recipes, we promise you’ll enjoy this fresh take on the classic dish. Try our delicious remake of traditional risotto for THUD’s own beanotto! An interesting and tasty twist on risotto, this delicious beanotto is made with beans, swiss chard and a variety mushrooms.

Forget your typical mushrooms, this dish includes a trifecta of button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and pied de mouton mushrooms. The creamy texture of this dish makes it very similiar to a risotto but promises a fresh take on an old favourite!

Order a THUD box and try your hand at cooking our swiss chard and mushroom beanotto from just £2.50 per portion. Orders must be placed before midnight on Sunday. Don’t forget THUD boxes are delivered right through your letterbox and include free shipping!

Spinach and Mushroom and Lychee Pancakes


A delightfully fresh take on a savoury pancake with the option for sweetness! Our spinach and mushroom pancake is a yummy dish, perfect for midweek dinners. The dish includes chervil and crème fraîche, plus the option for sweet toppings of lychee and brown sugar.

The button mushrooms are a unique addition to the dish, giving the dinner a little extra oomph and earthiness.

Find the full recipe here.


Shimeji and Mouli Stir-Fry


Feeling adventurous and ready for a change? Spice up your usual stir-fry with shimeji mushrooms. Shimeji is a group of edible mushrooms native to East Asia, but also found in northern Europe. With over 20 species, there are various options when it comes to shimeji mushrooms. However, keep in mind they can be difficult to cultivate.

Try your hand at preparing shimeji mushrooms with our popular stir-fry, including green chilli, garlic and cavo navolo. If you’re ready for a change, this is the recipe to upgrade your dinners with and get your mushroom game up to speed!

Find the full recipe here.

Roasted Squash and Mushroom Pasta

A comforting and easy supper, this dish is perfect on a busy night as you can chop it all up, pop it in the oven and come back to it for the finishing touches before tucking in.

This dish includes button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. It was first cultivated in Germany as a subsistence measure during World War 2 and is now grown commercially around the world for food. The oyster mushrooms give the dish a unique flavour and bring all of the ingredients together nicely.

Find the full recipe here.


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