Pepper Paella

Paella has ancient roots dating back to the 10th century, when the Moors in Muslim Spain began cultivating rice. By the 15th century rice was a staple in Spain and by the 19th century the modern form of paella was developed near the city of Valencia. Many non-spaniards view paella is a traditionally Spanish dish, but within Spain it is viewed as very much Valencian!

Ingredients: 2Shallots, garlic clove, 1 romero pepper, 10g turmeric, 1 round courgette, 6-8 cherry tomatoes and a sprig of rosemary.

Larder: 1tsp smoked paprika, 160g paella rice, 500ml stock and juice of ½ a lemon (optional extra: 50g chorizo).


  • Chop the shallots, garlic, pepper and grate the turmeric.
  • Sauté in a little oil with paprika and chorizo (optional) for 5 mins in heavy bottomed pan.
  • Prepare the 500ml stock and pour into the same pan.
  • Once simmering, add the rice and simmer covered for 8-10 minutes on a low heat.paella-with-added-veg-600px
  • Chop the courgette and pepper into small chunks, quarter the tomatoes. Strip the rosemary leaves off the stem and roughly chop. Add all the veg and rosemary to the pan and simmer uncovered for another 15 mins. Add another 100ml of water at this point.
  • Paella will be cooked when stock is absorbed and rice is fluffy. Serve with a wedge of lemon.

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